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What is MALS?

  • MALS is interdisciplinary

Courses are taught by faculty from across the College of Arts and Sciences and each one has an interdisciplinary aspect.  We break down departmental barriers to explore important questions through a variety of perspectives.

  • MALS tackles the big questions

What does it mean to be human? How do we understand the world we live in? Where did we come from and where are we going? Each MALS course invites broad thinking on issues of importance.

  • In MALS, you follow your passion

Within the broad parameters of the program, you are free to shape your course of study to suit your intellectual interests, to follow your passion.

  • MALS is stimulating and dynamic

Small seminar classes mean that you learn from your classmates as well as your professors.  The diversity of the student body, the richness of the life experiences and the variety of their interests creates a stimulating and dynamic learning environment.

  • MALS can boost your career

While many MALS students are in the program for the pure joy of learning, the program cultivates important skills sought by employers: critical thinking, problem solving, research methods, writing, presentation skills.

  • MALS understands adult students

You can complete the degree on a part-time basis and classes are held in the evening for the convenience of those who are working.  No GRE scores are required for admission.

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  • Oct
    MALS Student-Alumni Association Dinner
    Oct. 9th, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    Bayard Sharp Hall, Newark Campus
    Enjoy an evening of great conversation with MALS friends, new and old, and hear an intriguing talk by Dr Tom Powers, who has taught Environmental Ethics in the MALS program. You will also find out what's new in the MALS program! Cost: $20/per person (partially subsidized by the MALS program) RSVP to by 9/28 (checks to 77 E. Main St., Newark DE 19711). 
  • Oct
    Life Reimagined
    Oct. 26th, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    Perkins Student Center
    So many MALS students speak of the program as a way to reinvent themselves that it only seems natural to offer you a program that helps you examine what you want from the next phase of your life. As part of the MALS partnership with AARP, we are pleased to offer all MALS students, alums and their guests a free session of Life Reimagined, an innovative new program that helps people identify and achieve their goals, at any stage of life. Life Reimagined is about possibilities—envisioning, evaluating and making them reality—and offers tools, activities and support to figure out what really matters. RSVP to by 10/19/16. 
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  • Michele Walfred
    Communications Specialist

    The MALS program encouraged 2014 alumna Michele Walfred to combine her interests in journalism and art with her growing fascination for the 19th century American immigration experience.  Originally motivated to explore her own Irish heritage, her last MALS course, Contemporary Culture: Asian Immigration to America, inspired Walfred to look beyond the familiar and probe deeper into the commonalities between the Irish and Chinese immigrant experiences, and the social, cultural and political reasons for their volatile relationship in a youthful yet expanding America.

    Walfred's capstone project, Illustrating Chinese Exclusion ( explores the 46 cartoons drawn by Thomas Nast for New York-based Harper's Weekly, and compares Nast's depictions to that of George F. Keller, who drew for The San Francisco Illustrated Wasp. It is the first thorough examination of Thomas Nast's work featuring Chinese immigrants, Chinese Americans and U.S.-China relations as subjects for editorial cartoons.

    While Illustrating Chinese Exclusion provides a glimpse into the percolating immigrant issues of that era, Walfred's historical spotlight remains relevant today as national conversations about immigration and inclusion/exclusion continue to be passionately discussed.

    Nearly 173,000 have visited the website in its first two years.  Walfred's MALS project is used as a resource for high school students and colleges such as University of Dayton, University of Connecticut, Louisiana State University, Baruch College-CUNY, St. Joseph's College and Brandeis University to name a few. Her work has been cited by NPR, Politico and The Boston Globe, among others.

    "The MALS program changed how I view everything," says Walfred. "I soon found that what you think you know, or what has been handed down to you, is often coming from a limited point of reference.  The MALS program has trained me to look around. Indulge my curiosity. Go find out.  Explore.  Peel back the layers. You will be surprised by what you discover!"

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  • Dr. Guilermina Gonzalez
    Executive Director, Delaware Arts Council

    "My current connection to the arts in the state is closely related to the University of Delaware.  UD was the first intellectual home I had when I moved to Delaware.  One of my first classes at the MALS program was "Art in the Twentieth Century"... where we explored the renewed impact of the Mexican Muralism Movement.  By opening this world to me the MALS program nurtured my ongoing involvement with the arts and culture in the state."

    Guillermina Gonzalez is a multicultural professional with experience in the United States, Mexico, and Europe in her successful career as an executive in both the corporate and nonprofit sectors.  She began her career working for multinational organizations in marketing and sales and has since brought her corporate expertise to the nonprofit sector.  Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Delaware Arts Alliance, the highly active arts advocacy group in the state.  Previously, she served as the Executive Director of the advocacy organization Voices Without Borders.  

    Dr. Gonzalez is actively involved in the community and serves as the Chair of the Americans for the Arts' State Arts Action Network and Delaware's NPR radio WDDE Community Advisory Board.  She has served on the Delaware State Arts Council, as well as on boards of Delaware College of Art and Design, Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, Latin American Community Center, and the AARP Executive Council.  The University of Delaware's College of Arts and Sciences distinguished Dr. Gonzalez with the Alumni Achievement Award in May 2014.

    Dr. Gonzalez has an MBA from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, where she taught marketing and business administration.  She holds a Certificate in Leadership and Public Management and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of Delaware.  She obtained her doctorate in Business Administration at Wilmington University in January 2014. 

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