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Application Procedure

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Starting the Application

The graduate admissions form and accompanying information may be found at You will submit all supporting documents except your official transcript through this form. Once you create an account you can access your application at any time.

Note: After you click the final "submit" button on your application, you will be able to upload additional information, but you will not be able to make changes to  your application.  Please email with any changes to be made to your application, including updated recommender information.

If you have questions about the admissions process, you're welcome to call the MALS office at 831-6075.

Submitting Recommendations

As a MALS applicant you are asked to secure two letters of recommendation from people who are familiar with those aspects of your life that bear upon your suitability for graduate study. Such letters typically come from people you have worked with in your profession or in volunteer activities, as well as from present or former supervisors or professors. Letters from family members or close personal friends are discouraged. Among the pertinent topics are your intellectual interests, motivation for graduate study, time management skills, enjoyment of intense small-group discussions, and degree of comfort with significant amounts of reading and writing.

Because UD requires the completion of a specific grid of questions by a recommender, we also cannot accept any third-party recommendation service or any individual letters already in the applicant's possession. 

Your application status page shows if your recommenders have been notified, started, or completed the recommendation on your behalf.

Tips to successfully receive your recommendations: 

Tips to successfully receive your recommendations: 

  • Be sure you have spoken with your recommender first to see what their preferred e-mail address is for use in completing graduate recommendations.
  • Double check the e-mail address you entered for spelling errors.
  • Please note that notification emails will come from If your recommenders use a spam-blocking tool, please ask them to add this email address to their list of known/safe addresses.
  • If you need to send a reminder notification to a recommender, please send an email to
Essay/Personal Statement

As part of the application, you must submit two essays: an outline of your educational plans and career goals and how the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program relates to them;  a three to five page essay about your intellectual interests and life experiences and how you think these can be developed in the MALS program.  Reviewers will be evaluating your writing ability as well as your fit for the program.

In-Person Interview

The last phase of the MALS application is an in person interview with several members of the Faculty Advisory Committee.  You will have the opportunity to tell the committee about your personal intellectual interests and why you are interested in MALS as well as ask any questions you may have.

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