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Current Course Offerings

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Winter 2019 (January 7-February 8)

Contemplation and Technological Change (MALS667-010)

How do innovations change the nature of humanity and life on earth?  How can individuals prepare themselves ethically to confront technological issues as diverse as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, solar energy, carbon sequestration, clean water, and nuclear terror?  How can contemplative practices lead to better technological policy decisions?  “Contemplation and Technological Change” will integrate mindfulness, psychology, behavioral science, philosophy, and engineering to empower students to solve grand challenges for innovation and society.  The course is co-taught by three faculty from three Colleges, bringing expertise in engineering, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness.  The intensive five-week format will foster an interdisciplinary learning community.

Spring 2019 (February 11-May 20)

Cross-dressing, Identity and Gender in History (MALS667-011)

The seminar will use plays, novels, memoirs, movies and more to examine the construction and development of gender distinctions from antiquity to the present.  The readings and discussions will be particularly concerned with the transgressions of gender roles and conventions—with recurring reference to the “meaning” of femininity and masculinity.  The wide array of sources, genres and historical periods is intended to foster comparisons and analysis of the differences.  This course will focus on questions of identity and gender and NOT sexuality or sexual preference. Click here for a draft syllabus: MALS gender syllabus draft.pdf

Black Bodies on Display: Race in Museums (MALS667-010)

  • Wednesdays, 6-9  p.m.
  • Instructor: Julie McGee
  • Newark Campus

The complex and performative nature of museums vis-a-vis race, remembrance and reconciliation with a focus on Black American and African Diasporic history and culture. What role[s] do objects, history, and culture perform under such curatorial and museum mandates and visions? How do changing socio-political and cultural landscapes and challenges to representational politics shape museum practices? Considered here are black cultural institutions, their formation and foundation as well as exhibition histories of black visual art and culture.

Studies in Contemporary Culture: American Nightmares (MALS626-010)

  • Thursdays, 6-9 p.m.
  • Instructor: Joel Best
  • Newark Campus

There is a tension in our culture between our aspirations idealized by the notion of the American Dream, and our fears that things are--or are on the verge of getting worse.  We might call these fears American Nightmares.  This seminar will explore some of these contemporary concerns about inequality, injustice, conspiracies, and the like.

Click here for a draft syllabus: MALS626 American Nightmares Draft Syllabus.pdf

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Current Course Offerings
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