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Transfer Credit

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Graduate Credit Earned Before Enrolling in MALS

​MALS students may transfer in up to nine credits of appropriate graduate coursework taken before enrolling in the program, either at UD or elsewhere. Decisions about whether a specific course applies to the degree are made by the MALS Advisory Committee. A syllabus may be required for evaluation.

  • Courses must be at the graduate level
  • Courses must have completed at an accredited college or university
  • Courses must have been completed with no less than a grade of B
  • Courses taken more than five years before applying for admission MALS are not transferred in
  • Courses taken as an auditor cannot be transferred in
  • Courses counted toward a degree received elsewhere may not be transferred in
  • Credits from institutions outside the United States are generally not transferable

Procedures for Requesting Transfer Credit

​Please complete the Request for Transfer of Graduate Credit form and send it to the MALS director, Tara White Kee at or 77 E. Main Street, Newark DE 19711.

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Transfer Credit
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Transfer Credit