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Leave of Absence/Sustaining Status

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Leave of Absence

​If there are major semesters (spring and fall) in which you will not take a UD course, you should request a leave of absence.  This will preserve your status as an active student in the program and prevent you from having to reapply when you wish to resume your studies.  

Requests should be referred to the MALS director ( or 302-831-4130).

Sustaining Status

​Once you begin taking thesis or project credits, if you wish to pause for a major semester (spring or fall) or if you take all six credits and still need time to work on the project or thesis, you will need to register as sustaining.  

Requests to register for sustaining credit should be sent to the MALS director (​ or 302-831-4130), who will forward them to the Graduate Office.  Only the Graduate Office staff can register a student for sustaining credit. Call the Graduate Office for assistance: 302-831-6824.

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Leave of Absence/Sustaining Status
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Leave of Absence/Sustaining Status