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Paying for Courses

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AARP Discount

‚ÄčThe MALS program has a cooperative relationship with AARP. AARP members who are matriculated (admitted) into the MALS program gets a 15% discount on their tuition.

For more information, contact the MALS office at 302-831-4130 or

Tuition Free for Delawareans over 60

You qualify for the Over 60 Tuition Program if you are a Delaware resident, and are matriculated as a degree candidate. Details may be found at  Simply apply for the MALS program as usual and the waiver will automatically take effect.

Financial Aid

MALS students are encouraged to explore generally available funding options for UD graduate students. For more information, visit

Payment Procedures

‚ÄčTo pay for courses, go to the Student Financial Services website at

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Paying for Courses
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Paying for Courses